Are you in the process of setting up a new site? Undoubtedly, one of the setbacks you are encountering is searching a domain name. Your name is the picture of your brands and products in the virtual arena. Thus, the name you go-for must tally with the kind of reputation you are seeking to create online. For this reason, you need to be creative when generating your URL name. Remember uniqueness and memorability are two virtues that you must possess to rise to online authority.

Despite being creative, you might come up with a name believing it’s unique. Clicking on the domain registrar to make it your property, you encounter some bad news. The name is already taken. It is at such a moment you need a helping hand. Where can you find it? Here are top three free domain name generators to take over your distresses:

Bust a Name

Definitely, all you need is a bust of a wooing and unique domain name. As the name suggests, Bust a Name is your refuge. The platform comes with excellent tools that take you through the domain name generation process. Here, you can determine the length of your name using the character limit tools.

Upon logging in on the platform, you need to key in your keywords and search for the best combination. You can also decide the domain extension you want the name to carry. Furthermore, if you are ready to set on the domain registration journey, you can purchase your name through GoDaddy or Namecheap. Otherwise, you have an option to save it for future use.

Domain Puzzler

Unlike other domain name generators, Domain Puzzler offers you an opportunity to key in more than two keywords. The platform will proceed on to present you with different combinations where you can choose your best. Also, you have a chance to choose the domain extension combination. Another positive attribute of this platform is that you have an opportunity to test your domain name ranking. Hence, you are sure that the selection you go with is the best.

Lean Domain Search

Do you want a variety of domain names for future selection? Lean Domain search is the best domain searching tool for this purpose. In this platform, you have an opportunity to get thousands of domain suggestions carrying the .com extension. Also, you have an option for choosing your domain based on length, popularity, and alphabetical order. You can also use the tool to examine your domain name ideas.

With these free domain name generators, you have no reason for not developing a wooing name for your site.