A domain name generator is an excellent tool that takes away your burden of brainstorming to come up with a name for your site. Or else, it is your partner in the domain name selection process. As demand for new website hit the ceiling, name generators are following suit. There are hundreds if not thousands of these platforms.

What a great advancement!

Before you are up with the celebration of discovering this idea, a worry hits on you as you do not know which the best option is. Naturally, several choices lead to confusion. To help you out in making your domain name generators selection, here are three features you need to look for:

Domain name availability confirmation

Imagine you are in this situation: you had a challenge coming up with a domain name. You peer pieces of advice you to use a certain generator. Without anytime wastage, you head on to the said platform. As promised, you follow the process, and within few minutes, here you are with a beautiful name. You are certain that you will top the rest in your niche. With a smile on your face, you proceed on to domain registrars.

Here is where the reality comes to the surface. Your domain is another person’s property.  What a disappointing moment. To avoid such grief moment, always ensure that the domain name generator you are using has an opportunity to confirm your domain name availability. Otherwise, frustrations and repetition will be your daily bread.

Easy to use

The reason you turn to a generator is to ease your domain name development process. As such, you are after a platform that enables you to achieve this objective. A suitable name generation platform should be easy to use. You do not need a place to add more stress and make your domain selection process a hard tackle. Importantly, the platform should resemble a typical search engine that does not require you to be a tech guru. Hence, avoid technical domain name generators no matter the features they offer to you.

Opportunity to choose a domain extension

As you might be aware, your domain name is not complete without an extension. The extension determines how your new site will perform on the search engines and in your niche. For this reason, a good generator should offer you suggestions on the best domain extension combination.

If your domain generator lacks one of the above features, it is recommendable to seek another option. Remember your domain name is the online brand ambassador for your organization and its products.

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